Get Back in the Game
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"Without play, imagination is soon replaced by practicality.

When artistic impulses are buried, joyful creations lost to the world.

But there is good news! The abandoned creative places of the mind just need a little restoration! I help my creative clients forge life solutions to release their artistic impulses as one of the greatest gifts they can give themselves and the world." 
- Anne Scottlin

Creative Imagination

"Both novice and professional creative clients sometimes tell me

'the dream is too far gone, and I've lost my sense of imagination'.

I don't believe this is ever the case. You may only see the ordinary because you expect to. Imagination is just reinventing the ordinary to create the extraordinary — developing a practice of seeing normal things differently. But when caged behind fear, creative expression will never be free to take flight. So let's work to harness the force that is your imagination...don't waste it, create with it!

And set yourself free in the process." 
- Anne Scottlin


"The artists heart is a realm of eternal adventure."

- Anne Scottlin


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