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Closet Artist?  Artistic Professional?


Many ambitious and highly motivated professionals are also artists at heart. They once were or have always dreamed of being a writer, musician, painter, woodworker, photographer or one of hundreds of other artistic expressions. Yet career, commitments, stress, or lack of time, always seems to be

preventative, and they often conclude that it is just not possible to be a practicing artist or creative. But now there is a win-win solution.






Scientific research now demonstrates extensive professional and personal benefits from the practice of creative art. Anne Scottlin's coaching technique helps ambitious and motivated professionals achieve greater life satisfaction and wellness by integrating creative practice into their time and lifestyle. Her methods support her clients to excel in their profession and relationships, reduce their stress, and discover freedom to pursue their artistic vision.

Life Satisfaction and Creative Practice

An experienced coach, businesswoman and performing artist, Anne understands how to help busy people design a life strategy that supports their short and long term goals while freeing them to discover greater life satisfaction through the  reintegrating of their often-neglected artistic or creative passion.

Artistic Practice Enhances Intelligence and Reduces Stress

Scientific studies demonstrate the link between creative practice and increased intelligence, reduced stress and significant increases in health and well-being.

  • Creative practice increases intelligence.

  • Artistic expression significantly lowers cortisol levels and reduces stress.

  • Creativity significantly contributes to well-being and quality of life.

  • Artistic engagement like visual creativity, writing, music or creative movement increases physical and mental health.

Anne Scottlin offers a coaching technique based on recent scientific studies and helps clients discover that they do not have to sacrifice creative art for their professional career.


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