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As we begin the third decade of the twenty-first century, technology makes us feel like the world is getting smaller, but our goals and responsibilities do not seem to be getting simpler.

Whether you’re starting a company, trying to move up the executive ladder, or writing the book you've always wanted to publish, being good at what you do isn’t always enough to get you ahead. New strategies are becoming necessary to hone the edge you need to excel. And working with a professional certified coach is one of those cutting-edge strategies.


Working one on one with a professional coach is no longer the exclusive domain of athletes, celebrities and CEO’s, ambitious visionaries from corporate professionals and entrepreneurs to social media influencers and writers are discovering the value of teaming up with a professional coach as part of their winning strategy.

Anne Scottlin, MA, CPC

 Motivational Life Management Coach


Contemporary professional trends from shared workspaces or working from home, to managing portfolio careers, create new challenges for maintaining focus and motivation. Simultaneously, executive lifestyles are often packed with family responsibilities, social expectations and the need to maintain our own health and wellness. An experienced coach helps you find the tools you need to streamline your efforts, maximize your focus and energy, and discover greater life satisfaction and balance.


A Life Management Coach is a professionally trained strategist and thought partner who teams up with you to help you develop your goals and find objective strategies to achieve them. Your coach can work with you on one specific professional goal, or serve in a more general capacity as a motivational life management coach. Your coach is there throughout this journey, offering you encouragement and friendly accountability and celebrating your successes.

A good coach will teach you techniques used by some of the most successful people in the world. Your coach will help you discover how to optimize your individual traits and strengths for maximum effectiveness, while supporting you in developing skills that will last you a lifetime. They will help you set realistic, achievable goals, creating small manageable steps that will move you toward your end objective. 



A coach is not a consultant or a psychotherapist. A coach is not a consultant; a consultant provides clients with expertise in one specific line of business. A coach is more focused on you and your goals, whether that is inside or outside your official line of work.

A coach is also not a therapist or psychoanalyst. Coaching does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of any mental illness or condition and is not a substitute for working with a counselor or mental health care professional. 
Coaching is not about fixing or managing the client, but rather focuses on personal and professional growth in a positive and motivational environment.


In our rapidly evolving world, life may not be simpler, but it can be better. When you have the strategic tools, support and motivation that you need to get your edge and have your biggest fan coaching and encouraging you every step of the way, you’ll likely wonder why you didn’t hire a professional coach sooner.



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Fast-Paced Growth

Four, 30-minute private coaching sessions a month

Do you feel most motivated by frequent encouragement and friendly accountability from your professional coach?

Do you have one or two specific goals that you are currently working toward?

Then our Fast-Paced Growth package with 4 calls a month may be perfect for you!

$499/month with 3-month contract

Dramatic Change

Two, 90-minute private coaching sessions a month

Are you in a major life transition or looking to target multifaceted goals in more than one area of your life?

Then our Dramatic Change package gives you the most value and the most time with your professional coach.

$629/month with 3-month contract

In-Depth Focus

Two, 1-hour private coaching sessions monthly

Are you looking for in-depth sessions where you can explore which objectives are most important to you and how to start implementing steps to achieve those goals?

Do you prefer to work with your professional coach every couple of weeks?

If so, our In-Depth Focus package is a great fit for you.

$499/month with 3-month contract

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