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Fast-Paced Growth

  • Four, 30-minute private coaching sessions a month

  • Email and text support package

  • Customized worksheets or assignments 



Do you feel most motivated by frequent encouragement and friendly accountability from your professional coach?

Do you have one or two specific objectives that you are currently working toward?

Then the Fast-Paced Growth package with 4 calls a month can be perfect for you!

Dramatic Change

  • Two, 90-minute private coaching sessions a month

  • Expanded email and text support package

  • Customized worksheets or assignments 

  • Included urgent phone call support

Are you in a major life transition or looking to target multifaceted goals in more than one area of your life?

Then the Dramatic Change package gives you the most value and the most time with your professional coach.

One-to-One Sessions
with Anne Scottlin

Find Your Joyful Life

  • Two, 1-hour private sessions a month

  • Email and text support package

  • Customized practices for personal growth 

  • Optional urgent phone call support add-on*

What brings you Joy? What is your passion and purpose? This in-depth one-to-one session program is crafted to your current needs or goals to help you find your vision and tap into your joy. 

Work with Anne Scottlin virtually one-to-one for one hour every other week or ask for a customize  package to suit your ​more intensegoals for personal growth.



Corporate Retreats, Workshops, and Webinars

           Mastermind 2020! 

                  Revitalizing Your Vision

  • 6-month Virtual Small Group Program

  • Guided personal exploration and active                implementation of your goals and vision

  • Community motivation and support

  • Bi-Weekly 90 minute Sessions

  • Three 30-min one-to-one coaching sessions with Anne Scottlin




Up By Design
Life Management Coaching
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